Terrazzo Lite Egg Pot Small (Black) - Alexa Nice

Terrazzo Lite Egg Pot Small (Black)

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A design classic, the shape of these planters is timeless and sleek.  We love marrying all shapes and sizes together in a little family of green fingered wonder.

These posts are suitable for inside or outside.  Whilst you can plant directly in them, we recommend using them for decorative purposes only to prevent discoloration.  

We all know that biophilic design is the trend of the moment and long likely to continue with environmental consciousness at the forefront of societal concern.  As such, integrating greenery in style is a must.  Just think of structured mother in law tongues, next to curved fiddle leaves and interspersed with tumbling succulents.  Now, where to put these pots.

Terrazzo Lite Egg Pot small.  Also available in medium, large and extra large.

33 x 27cm (H)  Black