Cheeky Poke Bar, Brisbane

Cheeky Poke Bar

Cheeky Poke Bar X Alexa Nice X Department Group

At Cheeky, we are traditional! Poke has always been enjoyed at social gatherings and our bar is no different. Our cheeky love for Hawaiian and Japanese fusion inspired us to add our own Australian twist. By using locally sourced and sustainable produce, we have the freshest bowls in town.
— Cheeky Poke Bar


Easily one of the coolest new concept bar & restaurants in Australia, Cheeky Poke Bar, has been a huge success since opening in December 2017. The design allows for functionality in the fast-paced environment and is visually impacting to customers. The name generation & initial branding  is a successful collaboration between Alexa Nice Design, and Department Group. Department Group also took charge on all social media, PR, activation, marketing & launch. 

Scope included

  • Name Generation & Branding

  • Branding Philosophy

  • Communications

  • Full Graphic Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Menu Design

  • Full Interior Design Documentation

  • Materials, Finishes, FFE Specifcations

  • Custom furniture design & procurement

  • Website Design