Your ultimate at home pamper routine

During these tough times, we all deserve to treat ourselves to a little TLC. Instead of a 12 hour TV marathon binge, why not convert your lounge to your own at home beauty spa. Just clear your mind, sit back, close your eyes and relax. Here's our top tips on recreating a spa heaven at home. 



First things, first! Find the perfect spa playlist. Simply head to Spotify or Youtube to find a relaxing meditation playlist that plays softly in the background. Nothing will make you more relaxed than the gentle waves rolling along the beach, or sounds from the rainforest to put your mind at ease. Time to de-clutter your thoughts.



Ignite your senses with a calming scent by lighting a scented candle or giving the room a slight spritz to help you slip into a serene state of mind. Our Palm Beach deliciously scented candles will hit the spot. Or try out our new Cedar & Stone Mists range, which you can use on both your body and in the room. It's the quickest way to to transform  your lounge into the perfect spa scene. If you need a little zen in your life, try the Clary Sage & Frankincense Mist. Struggling to get some shut eye at night? Try our Lavender & Bergamot Mist. Or are you escaping from a stressful day and needing some positive vibes? Have a spritz of our Sage & Juniper Mist



Now it's time to perfect your at-home facial treatment. 

Start by melting away all the oil and grime that has built up over the day , with a gentle cleanser and exfoliator. Cleansing also helps prep the skin so that your next face mask application works at it's max effect. 

If you have dry skin (most commonly during winter), opt for a moisturising mask with hylauronic acid, to ensure your skin soaks up all the moisture it craves.
For a deep cleansing treatment, opt for a detoxing mask like our Green Detox Face Mask where you can just add water and mix it to create a purifying clay mask. 



No facial is complete without the ultimate massage. Our Amethyst Facial Roller feels like heaven when rolled over your face after applying the face serum of your choice. Simply roll the massage tool from chin to cheekbones to improve blood circulation and ease tension, leaving your skin feeling perfectly revitalised and energised. 

Now that we have armed you with the right tools and tips, it's now your turn to transform your home into your own at home spa. Enjoy!