Four stylish ways to wear a scarf

The printed scarf makes the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The luxurious silky soft textures and bold bright prints can transform your whole look by adding sophistication and detail. But as with many accessories, it's all to do with how you style it, so check out our favourite scarf styling tips to keep you looking fresh from day to night. 

The Classic Tie Knot

Think Audrey Hepburn & Jackie Onassis, keep it elegant and classic with the simple neck knot. Start by rolling your scarf diagonally, wrap it around your neck making sure the lengths are equal lengths and tie a simple know so that the ends hand down. Try out the look with our new Abstract Animal Print Scarf


The Bandana Bib

Take a trip back to the wild west, with this cowboy inspired style that keeps your neck under a V-neck sweater extra cosy and warm during winter. Fold your scarf in half at the diagonal to create a triangle, center the triangle point on your neck and wrap each end around your neck. Leave the ends loose for a casual look, or tie them up to create a cute knot. Wrap our gorgeous Daisy Print and Pattern Tassel Edge Scarf around your neck to trial the look.


Leave is long

For a truly effortless and layered look, grab your favourite printed scarf as you leave the house and drape it around your neck, leaving the ends long and hanging. This is a great way to show off your scarf's beautiful pattern, and adds a colour pop of colour to a simply neutral coloured outfit. Want a feminine touch? Our go-to Spot Boarder Scarf is your perfect fit. 



Simple Low and Long Loop

For a casual and chic weekend look, wrap your scarf in a low loose knot. Simply roll your scarf diagonally and drape it around your neck so the ends hang evenly down. Then tie and create a loose knot about halfway down the length of the scarf. Opt for a longer scarf when trialling this look, so you get that extra length after the knot, just like our Stripe Boarded Scarf