How to decorate your living space with cushions

Not just for comfort, cushions are the accessories of your living room. You wouldn't leave your house without a stylish handbag or jewellery would you? Don't neglect your living room's looks too! The best part? You can change the entire look of your living space by simply changing your cushion covers. It's as easy as that! Putting together a collection of cushions, is like putting together the perfect outfit. It's an art form and will instantly transform your space. We've put together a few tips to take your space from drag to fab!

Play with cushion shapes & sizes

Choosing cushions in different sizes and shapes are a great way to add depth and dimension to your look. It can look a tad boring and orderly if you have cushions of all the same width and height sitting side by side on your couch. You can opt for classic square or rectangular shapes, but feel free to play around with other options like round shapes. Have a go and mixing and matching until you find the right combination for you look. To create a sense of depth to your couch, always place the smaller cushion at the front of the larger ones. 

Trial different textures

Don't be scared to layer different textured cushions in your living space. Whether it's velvet to silk, linen to fur or cotton to knitted. Mix and match heavy textures with lighter ones to keep your look modern and stylish. We always love throwing in a centrepiece faux fur baby cushion in the mix whenever we can, to create that wow factor. Just remember not to go overboard with faux fur cushions, keep it simple and team them with other textures or you will be at risk of feeling like you are sitting on a giant fur ball. 

Quality not quantity

There is no correct quantity to choose when it comes to decorating your couch with cushions. But the rough goal is to aim for a number of cushions that is not going to completely cover the whole sofa itself. Play around with spacing the cushions out along the length of the sofa in clusters to allow contrast in cushion patterns and shapes to stand out. Remember you don't want to be overcrowded with cushions that you can't even sit on the sofa anymore. 

Use your home as a colour palette guide

When choosing cushion colours, take into consideration the colour palette of your living space. Look for cushions that will co-ordinate with the shades and tones that you already have in your space. Neutral background tones are great backboards for bolder prints to balance out the look and brighten up the space.